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Rolling Up Your Sleeves
March 16, 2003

Hi Lloyd,

I got my labs back and, as I expected, my viral count is back up.  The
latest is 3,400,000 copies/ml.
 I am sending you all of my labs going
back to 1997.  My labs show a viral count that started at 2,100,000.

Then, after a 27 day juice fast, it went down to 624,000 (in 1998).  Later, in 2000, after 3 1/2 months on a raw food diet, it went down to 880.  Since then it went back up to 850,000 in 2001 and now 3,400,000.  I consider that a starting point for monitoring my current program. You are an inspiration, and I can't wait to report back to you the eradication of my disease.

The increases and decreases in viral load all correspond to dietary
cleansing programs, with supplements.
  I am now committed to an 18 month program using your supplements (NtCell and aloe juice) and some others - including heavy doses of medicinal mushrooms (Hawaiian Health
Products Immune Assist
), and CC Pollen propolis.  My dietary program
includes daily shakes with goat milk yogurt, goat milk protein (Mt Capra Farms), goat milk whex (minerals from goat milk), a whole cup of bee pollen, 1/4 cup of frozen liquid raw royal jelly, and a heaping tablespoon of cordyceps sinsensis mushroom mycellium powder.  Four days a week I only eat the shakes.  Three days a week I eat the shakes and salads and fruit, with an occasional restaurant meal.  No alcohol and strenuous resistance training four times a week.

It has often occurred to me, when I am doing a program, that the Hep C
is such a blessing, because without the threat of death, I would never be inspired to achieve total health.  I think that goes for most people.  They are all looking for the silver bullet - drug or supplement - that will make it all better.  But there is no effective alternative to rolling up your sleeves and doing the hard work.  And there is no greater benefit either.

I'll be in touch with you Lloyd. Once again thanks for your good works man.

M. H.

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