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Re: Good News
March 14, 2003


Just went to see my friendly neighborhood doctor to get results on blood work and this is my results after a year.

3 / 13 / 2002
ALT 24
AST 46
9 / 20 / 2002
ALT 21
AST 35
3 / 13 / 2003
ALT 18
AST 21

Had to do blood work again today because Doctor forgot to have
QVL count which was 1,620,000 on 9/20/02.  I will advise ASAP.

Doctor referred me to specialist to have prostrate double checked even though my PIA went down from 1.38 on 9/20/02 to .79 on 3/13/03.

Doctor wants to be sure defiantly not my favorite test.  Probably a racket to make money with one of his buddies and will help support new BMW, but I would rather be safe than sorry.

Can you recommend anything for prostrate that would not interfere with what I'm already taking and anything to help lower cholesterol which has come down to 212 from 230?

Thanks you once again,


Hi J.F.:

Thank You for sending me your results.

I am hoping for some terrific viral load reduction.  I like that your PSA went down as well, that does not happen on its own.  That is a very good number.

I use ProstaCare made by a division of Atrium, makers of Natcell.  It works great.  You can find it on my web site in the Alternative Medicine Pharmacy section.

Lipotrope claims in its literature that their product lowers cholesterol.
So does Quaker oatmeal and Cheerios.

In good health


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