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Note from Intended Peg Victim
March 13, 2003


I talked to him Saturday.  He has chosen NOT to do the Interferon
therapy.  The definitive decision for him came after he met someone who
had used Interferon and shared with him about the experience.  He said it
was "hell" while he was on it and he NEVER feels good anymore after he
completed the treatment.  Plus, it didn't work.

I feel like for now, it is the best decision for him to wait.

Thanks for your help.

I had asked one more question about the biopsy.
Would you suggest it or not?




I do however suggest an ultra sound.  If there is anything there that
needs a biopsy it will be seen.  The biopsy is required by the FDA
guide lines for prescribing interferon
so they, the doctors want to push
it as their next step in prescribing and their next check from schering.

I am very happy he decided not to do it.

In good health


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