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Getting the Word Out...
March 12, 2003


When I took a new job for midnight shift at one of the local hospitals as a Phlebotomist I thought I was crazy because after one week I realized that this job was so physically demanding it would put me in an early grave!!

I kept asking God
"Why??? Why did you send me to this horrible place??"

Well I have meet so many patients that suffer from Hep C and other diseases that it is now clear to me that I was sent here to pass on the information about you and your triumph over Hep C and how some of the alternative meds can not only help Hep C sufferers, but other problems as well.

I happen to meet one woman who is on your Hep C program and has been Hep C free for 2 years now.  It is such a small world.  Through small chit chat while I was drawing blood from her husband she shared her Hep C experience with me.  We hugged each other and cried with joy.

I now take extra time with my patients to just talk to them.  So many of them want some other choice.  I have passed on your web address and hope that they can find some comfort in knowing that there is another way.  I strongly feel that God put me in this horrible job so that I can pass on the info!!

I am waiting for pay day to place my next order... besides the Alpha Lipoic acid, Reshi Mushrooms and the Ultra Thistle, I am hoping that I have enough money to start the Natcall TLM.  My husband finally came to the realization that he is tired of being sick and in sever pain all the time.  We had appointments with his pain management doctor and his gastro doctor and they took down your web site address.  They both said that they would love to be able to tell their patients that there are other ways.  They know that legally they cannot just come out and tell them, but they could put a few books in their waiting rooms and be able to pass on your web address.

I have a question for you.... I met a patient who suffers from Lupus and we have become very close in the last few weeks.  She was wondering if any of your alternative supplements and the Mesenchyme would be beneficial?  I also passed your information on to my best friend that had major back surgery a year ago... she is very interested in the Mesenchyme, and hopes to be ordering it soon.

Once again I must thank you for all the info you have made available online, in books and by phone.  I now feel very confident that my husband will survive Hep C.  He skipped one week of his Peg and Rebetrol and stuck to just the herbs and nutrition supplements.  His platelet count doubled and his WBC's and Neutrophil count were within normal range.  He did take his Peg this past Friday and he now wishes he did not.  By Saturday morning he had 103.2 temp and was so out of it that he could barely speak, move, and extremely disoriented.  I know in my heart, mind and soul that your products can save him.

You are a very special person, THANK YOU!!!!

God Bless,
T. W.

Hi T.W.:

I thank you for what you are doing!

You are an angle!

Your friend with Lupus should try natcell thymus.  I have had people who had lupus and hep c and they went on my program and the lupus went away.

One mans wife had it and she took the thymus and her doctor told her she did not have it anyway and was puzzled.

It sure can help.

Thank you very much.


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