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3 Month's On
March 1, 2003


Dear Mr. Wright,

As a way to relate my story to you I feel you need to know the following:

Doctors think I contracted the hepatitis C virus when I had a partial hysterectomy in 1970. At that time, I received blood clotting factors and blood transfusions.

From 1970-2003 my liver enzymes have been elevated.  When a CBC was run during this period of time, my liver enzymes were high but no one knew why!

I had ovarian cancer in October, 1996, undergoing surgery, chemotherapy and follow-up oncology check-ups (I am cancer free now and in January, 2003, my CA-125 tumor marker blood test was 13.7. 0-35 is normal!).

In September, 2000, a diagnosis was made that the horrible mouth sores were caused from a condition called erosive lichen planus. This was determined by an oral specialist performing a biopsy.  The treatment of choice was a steroid called Prednisone.  It would make the lesions almost disappear but 10 days after the last pill and the sores always returned.  My head would feel as big as a barrel, thinking was fuzzy and I felt terrible.  I chose to discontinue such treatment, sores returned and eating was very difficult.

The liver enzymes began to rise significantly and on 4/18/01 I was diagnosed with the hepatitis C virus.  I related this information to my oncologist and he referred me to a gastroenterologist who did further genotyping.  In June, 2001, I underwent a liver biopsy.  It was determined that my liver was inflamed but no other disease progression had occurred.  I was informed that I had chronic hep-c virus condition and was pushed to begin the new Peg-Intron and much literature to read about it (I asked about the possibility of taking alternative medicine for my condition. It was pooh-poohed and the doctor said I might just as well take water!).

After further reviewing the possible side effects of taking the Peg-Intron, my husband and I decided that I was not and never would agree to take this poison!  I called the doctor’s office to relate my decision to withdraw from the program.  The nurse attempted to bully me into reconsidering.  It was still “no - this treatment is not for me!”

I was still suffering from the mouth sores and looking for help with this and the hep-c virus.  I told my husband that my prayers to God for me were to make me aware of a natural program to help me that was safe but yet effective.  We were diligent in our prayer time and expecting God to fulfill our petitions.  Time moves on.  I began to surf the internet searching for some help.  Many months passed. In August, 2002, I discovered, learned that you had had hepatitis c and what helped you to achieve that status.  Lloyd, I could not believe my eyes.  I ran to tell my husband what I’d discovered and declared that if you could be free of this terrible virus, so could I.  I ordered your first book right away and read it relentlessly, praising God for his leading me to your web site!  I declared that I wanted to be one of those who had had hep-c virus.  I was on cloud 9!  I ordered your second book and zoomed right on through it. We prayed about it for some time and we talked to our family and friends about it, which all encouraged me to participate in the regimen that is posted on your web site.  I had confirmation in my heart that this was right for me!

Before I began taking the products that I ordered from your office in Malibu, Ca., I went for testing:

Test Results as of 8/31/02
HCV RNA 23,300,000 IU/ml
AST 59
ALT 64

I began taking the supplements suggested on 9/28/02.  At the end of the first week of taking your prescribed regimen (like you took!) my mouth began to feel better and it got better and better.  It was time to re-order and I was without the products for 5 days due to my own waiting to order for “just in time” delivery.  There was a mix-up in the order being shipped. The sores got real bad in my mouth once more but when I began taking the products, the sores got better and are almost under control.  I hated being badly sore again, but discovered there was a definite link between my taking the hep-c free supplements and the improvement in my mouth sores.  I was elated and felt so blessed of God.  The mouth sores continue to improve as time passes and I look forward to being hep-c free and mouth sore free!  Is there anyone out there who also has the hepatitis c virus and mouth sores?

In January, 2003, I had my first testing done after having taken the supplements for 3 months:

Test Results as of 1/03
HCV RNA 8,560,000
AST 59
ALT 38

There has been considerable improvement in the viral load and the ALT. The AST remains the same.  I am truly blessed of God.  To God be the glory!  This is Valentine’s Day.  Consider this to be your Valentine’s Day card from me.  I have not been able to meet you in person but I want to tell you something from my heart.  I have a debt of gratitude to you and your willingness to share what you know about your experiences in the road to health from the hepatitis c virus.  Thank you.  I believe your sharing of your own story and information has and will save many lives.  I give you thanks and praise from the bottom of my heart for your role in reducing my viral load and ALT.  I read your message board every night and the testimonials give me courage.  Thank you! When I test again, I will be happy to related the results to you!

What is the normal range for the viral load and the liver enzymes? Also, how often should I take the coral calcium/magnesium and the C Aspa Scorb dissolved in juice?

You may use this testimonial on your message board if you want. Please feel free to contact me.

In Christ’s Love,



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