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Viral Load Effect of International Travel
June 6, 2003

HI Lloyd,

My name is D. 45 yrs old and I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 1990 when donating blood.  I have been basically asymtomatic other than weight gain, fluctuating hepatic enzymes and tiredness.  Had a biopsy in 1995 and didn't show anything serious.  No alcohol products, no antibiotics, no tylenol, no over the counter or prescription medications since 1995.  I have not taken any treatments.

Last year I was told I had genotype 1a. My HCV RNA Quant. absolute value in May 2002 was 2,510,000. I started part of your program that May. I did the frozen bovine thymus every other day, milk thistle daily, aloe vera juice when I remembered, ecchinacea, eurocel, NADH, selenium, vit, calcium, occasionally.

Nov 2002 (6 months later) Viral absolute value was 1,660,000 about a 34% reduction in viral load.  All blood test normal except ALT 57 (15-49).  I was fired up and decided to comment myself to the program alittle better. Started trying to swallow more pills, increased the aloe juice, ordered the milk thistle tea.  I felt myself getter better.  Didn't need to sleep as much, more active started working 12hr night shifts 6-12 in a row (when 2 - 12hr shifts would normally knock me on my ass).

March 2003 traveled to Italy and Sicily as the RN escort for an educational trip with students for about 3 weeks. Couldn't take the frozen bovine but took the Thymus capsules, aloe juice and other pills fathfully all though not in the quantity recommended. We were on the go everyday and I could keep up. Came home and didn't crave the alovera juice as much - quit smoking while on the trip. May 2003 did another HCV RNA Quant and it was up 3,020,000. Starting to get some nerve twitching in my fingers and toes and cramping.

Can you tell me what you think might be going on? My family thinks I'm working too hard and on the go too much - they say when I come home from a long stretch of work I'm a zombie for a few days - but I tell them its my healing period and I'm switching over to daylight hours. I guess since my viral load had gone down in Nov 2002 I thought it was okay to do more.

Please let me know your opinion on all of this. I also would like to go to Peru in a few weeks - how can I avoid this increase in viral load?  How does international travel affect viral load that much.  I also thought being smoke free would reduce my viral load.

Thank you for your time

Hi D:

I have noticed and I have posted my findings on my message board regarding traveling to other countries.

Every person I know of that is on my program and who travels to a foreign country has there viral load go up.

Some more than others.  Also cruise ships do it as well.

The reason is that your body is exposed to bacterial and viral infections mostly thru finger tips touching the nose and eyes.

These viral and bacterial agents are ones that your immune system is not familiar with and then begin to fight and build a tolerance to.  This raises the viral load.

It is like a bat tub full of water.

When you get in, the water level goes up, if you put some more items in, the water level goes up.

I have not yet discovered how long it takes for the viral load to go back down, mostly because most people are so up set that it happens that they do not get back to me for a while.

It is normal, I see it weekly and your doctor will know nothing about it.  You should notice a slow drop back to where it was unless you did something else or contracted something else.

It is most usually bacterial infections you never know you have.  Your body knows so it fights them.

In a few weeks I will have a new product from atrium that is a little less than 1/2 as strong as the frozen, not as good but better than nothing that you can take it with you.

In the mean time I have the non frozen spray.

I do not know how though get around this problem, it just occurs as the introductions of unfamiliar bacteria and viruses enter the body.

I hope you understand.
In good health


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