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Hep C Singles
June 6 , 2003


My name is Robin DeLuca and I too have Hepatitis C - I was diagnosed only ten months ago. I am in advanced stages of Fibrosis, Grade 3, Stage 3 (Geno-1A). I'm a 46 year-old, single mom (never married) of a 17 year-old son, living in New York.

When first diagnosed with Hep C, one of my primary thoughts was to wonder if I was now destined to spend the rest of my life alone (without a partner or "soul-mate")? It's tough enough to have a relationship in today's world under "normal" circumstances -- once you throw Hepatitis C into the equation, it becomes that much more difficult!

After going through the transition between first being diagnosed and coming to the point of acceptance (which, for me, took about six months), I was able to take what most would to be a negative situation and turn it around into many positive ones ("Dr. Phil" and "Oprah" would be proud!)

One of my most recent "positive" endeavors is; I have created an Online Dating Site for Singles with Hepatitis C called . For the next three months, I am offering an ALL-ACCESS, FREE MEMBERSHIP! (You can read more about the site or me, if interested, at .)

The site is only a few weeks young but membership should grow rapidly (especially as there are so many of us out there - and unfortunately, many still undiagnosed!). I have a marketing campaign in place whereby I will be doing extensive advertising in the coming year, starting with an advertisement in the next issue of Hepatitis Magazine (being mailed out June 18th.) I will also pursue marketing the site in radio, possibly television and of course, the Internet!

I have discussed my site with many people (including my Doctor, Dr. Melissa Palmer and several representatives at the American Liver Foundation), who all feel this is a wonderful and worthwhile venture. I know you will agree as there are so many of us Hep C Singles out there who are single, lonely and looking and who will greatly benefit from a site such as this one. (If you are not single and living with Hepatitis C but know someone who is, please forward this email or pass the word!)

Thank you!

Peace, Health & Best,
Robin De Luca

P.S. I am also interested in exchanging links with other sites related to Hepatitis C - if you have such a site, please contact me - here is the link to my site which you could place on yours - if you have one -
Hep C Singles Dating - Free Membership

P.P.S. I am attending the Heppo Fest next week in Colorado Springs! I only found out about it a few days ago and I'm very excited about going and meeting other "Heppos!" Here is the link if any of you would like further information on these Heppo Fests that seem to be popping up around the country (but people from England, Canada and Australia seem to show up, as well!) I hear that a great many people who attend are single - and what better place can you think of to hook up with other Hep C Singles than Colorado (except maybe - Hawaii! LOL!)

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