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Re: Help
June 3, 2003


I have just finished with 16 months (yes 16 months) of peg-combo for hep c, I did respond at first and was viral free for 3 months, then my viral load spiked up to 1.1 million on the treatment and was coming back down.

My doctor had lowered my ribavirin in half because of the sides, and then we discovered that the hepatitis network, Priority pharmacy was miss-dosaging my weekly shots and I was missing about 30% of that.

I did not tolerate the meds well, I had helacious headaches and finally had to take narcotics 2 or 3 days a week, I was on two antidepressants and went down to 94lbs from a healthy 125#, I lost all of my hair and in hindsight I feel like the medication was killing me softly.  I am supposed to be gaining weight and taking a break to build my hemoglobin's up from the eight they were at even on procrit, and my platelets were very low as well.

Now I have been off the meds for a month and I am desperate to find another way other than going back on the meds in 6 months.  I was searching the internet and found you.  I am taking a liver cleanse vitamin, juicing allot of carrots and beets, acidophilus to get everything in my body back in order as well as an immune builder.  I am now afraid that I will over do it on those without someone knowing for sure what is safe for me to take and what is not.  I am going to Seattle for two weeks in July and my brother said they are right by Bayster University and maybe I could go there.

I see on the article about you that you have or had c........... I would appreciate any information that you can give me.  I unfortunately had to go on disability during this period and am very tight on living expenses along with having to pay for my own medical insurance at 400.00 a month. I would greatly appreciate any information that you can supply to me to assist in getting thru this journey alive.

Thanks very much, I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi S:

The best thing I can tell you is do not use interferon's!!!

If they do not work the first time and they usually do not, they will not work the second time.  Doctors just keep on prescribing them as long as patients are stupid enough to use them.  They do not work and doctors know that the hep C virus mutates with each replication to develop a resistance to interferon.

If I were you I would do what I did because people who do have the best results.  Forget you doctor as far as hepatitis C treatment and read my books, read my web site.  There you will find about 3000 pages of good info.  Read the CBER report on the front page and see what schering has to say about its products.  Read my message board, read everything you can.

Please do not use interferon's again.  If you answered my phone for a few days you would know what a horrible thing that modern medicine is doing to people.  We really should have done regime change here in the FDA and the AMA instead of Iraq.

I am here for any questions.

In good health

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