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Re: Quality of Life
June 22, 2003

Hi Lloyd,

Just a note to let you know how I'm feeling.  It's been 20 months and 18
days since I started your program.  At this point I really don't feel sick anymore.  I get some minor fatigue but it's very manageable.  I have no idea what my blood tests would reveal as I have not had one in along time.

My doctor is terrible and I find regular visits so upsetting I've allowed myself to fall through the cracks with him.  I found a doctor from China that has allot of knowledge about HCV and have been seeing her every three weeks for a acupuncture treatment and to monitor my condition.  She does a acupuncture treatment along my Liver meridian and to enhance the performance of my immune system that makes me feel great.

I let her see your program, I don't thing she knows American herbs as well as the Chinese herbs (she can barley speak English) but she approved.  She says I have nothing to worry about and that I'm one of the healthiest patients that she has with HCV.

I wish she had seen me 20 months ago so she could have witnessed the
progression of my healing.  I've also added a weekly massage along with
lymphatic drainage to my program it seemed to help clear up my joint and
muscle soreness.

Your program has worked really well for me.  If I can maintain the level of health I have now for the rest of my life I'd be happy.  I feel that I have
stopped the progression of the disease.  Now I want to regenerate my

While I would love to clear the virus from my blood that is not my priority,
my priority is quality of life.  I never want to relapse back to the condition I was in before.  I'm going to stay very disciplined nothing in my lifestyle will change, I always have in the back of my mind how terrible my life was when I was sick to keep me motivated.

Well that's my update I hope everything is well with you.  Thank you so much Lloyd for all your help.


Hi B:

Your priorities are very good.  An exception for sure.  It makes me happy that you are doing well.  I do have some clients that have been on the program for a few years and are near clear, or have a very low and steadily lowering viral load.  Most people will not keep it up unless they see what they want in 3 months.

An American implanted error in judgment.

People should go for the best and settle for quality of life.  I also had a veteran get non-detected on Friday and the veterans admin. doctor did not even tell him.  Just gave the test to him and sent him on his way, he faxed it to me and I had to call him.  He said he had no idea how to read it or what it said and I was very surprised, he just said the doctor gave it to him because his wife demanded the doctor give him his blood work.

I have extreme difficulty supporting what is going on with doctors in regard
to hep c.  Very disturbing.

Thank you for keeping me informed.


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