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June 20, 2003

Hi Lloyd,

I wanted to let you know that my lawyers have filed suit against SPG finally.  It took me alot of research and faith in God but I got there.  I have received emails from many people over the last year asking for my advice and what I was doing and how my search for a lawsuit was going.  I know there are 3 different lawyers at this time looking into and filing claims against SPG.  I have referred everyone that has emailed me with those names.  Two that came from you via Annie and one from me.  I thank God that things are starting the right way and we can help people get the justice.  I said I would not give up no matter how ill I am.

I have found out that I have so many things wrong due to my 5 month adventure with Peg/Riba since I last wrote to you.  I have Demylinating Neuropathy, Auto Immune Disorder, Aplastic Anemia, Brain Damage, Brain Lesions, Memory Loss, Severe Pain 24 hours a day etc.  And just think, I was once a very healthy 44 yr old woman who has been turned into a 45 yr old cripple.  But I will not give up fighting and neither will God!

I want to thank you for referring people to me since you first posted my email a year ago because I know there is strength in number's.  I will keep in touch and let you know how things progress and please keep sending people to me if you need to in seach of help.  God Bless and thanks for everything.



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