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Normal Enzymes in 2 Months
June 18, 2003

Hi, Lloyd...........

Enzyme numbers:
ALT was 273 now 30
AST was 224 now 46
Total protein was 9.0 now 7.7 (in range)
Cholestrol was 164 now 125 (too low)
Potassium was 4.0 now 3.6 (too low)
Platelet count was 173 now 143 (too low)
WBC was 3.2 now 6.82 (in range)
T4 Thyroxine was 15.7 now 12.2 (out of range, but an improvement)

All in all it's better, but we just have to find out why I can't eat anything containing startch.  You ever hear anything like this?  I mean doubled over in pain.

Unfortunately, they also found nodules on my chest on an x ray when I went to the ER.  That scares me.  Waiting for an mri on that, too.


This 54 year old female started on some of my program
on April 28, 2003.

She has normal liver enzymes in 2 months.
I did not yet get a new report on her viral load.

There are some other problems here that need to be addressed; but this is a dramatic drop and is typical when one does what I suggest.


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