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Re: Latest results in
June 16, 2003

Hi Lloyd,

I just received my latest results and I wasn't to happy.

My RNA went from 3Mill. IU to 7 Mill. IU,
and my liver profile went from 34 and 45 to 66 and 66.

As I discussed with you in Feb., I was due to take the secound shot for Hep A and since I had taken the first we said might as well get it over with but I never expected the levels to rise that much.  I faxed you the most recent test plus the last two Liver panel test.  Look them over and tell me what you think.  I'm on the program, its in it 10th month and you said it will take even longer now that I have taken the Hep A shot.

How much more time before I start seeing a drop in the Rna levels. I took the HepA shot on April 20 about give or take a day.


Hi J.

I have been seeing people take 9 months to a year for their viral load to return to where it was prior to taking the Hepatitis A and or Hepatitis B vaccine.

In the past years, Hep A and Hep B vaccines were given to elementary school children and military personnel, generally a healthy group of people.

About 2 years ago most people who walk into a doctors office with Hepatitis C are automatically given the Hep A and B vaccine.  I understand that Hep A and Hep C can be deadly.  It is one's own decision whether to have them or not and I do believe that people with Hepatitis C should be given the facts first.

The big problem is that doctors have not yet recognized that these shots cause this problem and deny that it does cause this problem.  I wish more of them would take a look.

It is my opinion that people with hepatitis c should avoid the Hep A and Hep B vaccine and try and over come Hepatitis C first.  The medical community will not get it in the next 10 years.

I have had one person who had the vaccines have no reaction and in her next test she also was negative to A and B antibodies which means they charged her for the shots, gave her a shot of something, most likely water.  Beware, doctors are feeling the bad economy and some are willing to do anything.

In good health


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