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Back on Track!
June 10, 2003

Hi Lloyd,

Just a note to let everyone know that there is hope for people that have
had the Hep A and B shots!

My count as of 1/31/03 was 7,900,000 iu/ml.

From then until now I have been adding more and more of what you took
during your treatment, finally adding all the teas and properly prepared
Aloe as you had advised.

My count from 5/27/03 is down to 409,000 iu/ml!

Please tell everyone not to give up - your program works, even the second
time around!!!

And just when you think that you cannot drink another drop of tea, hold
anything under your tounge, or swallow another pill, please remember -

IT WORKS!!!!!!

Thank you,

(feel free to post if you would like)

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