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Re: Liver Recipe
June 30, 2003


The liver recipe is interesting, but you should let people know the following, or post this email.

1.  Beets are very good for the liver, and all of the ingredients added are
good except one,but, don't cook vegetables. Instead, get a high quality
juicer and drink the juice within 15 minutes of making it.

2. Vegetable juices lose about 50% of the vitamins and enzymes within 15
minutes due to oxidation, I believe.  Don't store these juices or buy pre
made from the grocery store.

3. Cooked vegetables lose ALL of the enzymes.  All foods including meat
lose their enzymes when cooked.  Lloyd,You know that since your aloe vera juice is never heated in processing.

4. Sugar is never good and either is salt.  But there is no reason to add
sugar to beet juice since it is a root vegetable and is naturally sweet with sugars.

5. Add wheatgrass juice and other greens to your diet.  You will get chlorophyll which you won't get with root vegetables.  Wheatgrass is the
world's most vitamin/enzyme packed food.  It has been known to dissolve
tumors.  As a personal testimonial, I had CT Scans which showed nodules
"suspicious of hepaticellular carcinoma" (radiologist's words).  I started
juicing wheatgrass along with Nat Cell and some of your other products and
my latest CT Scan shows a much improved liver and as for the cancer
nodules, the radiologist report says " no lesions or masses seen..."  I am
not sure whether it was the wheatgrass or Nat Cell.

Gary B.

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