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Compensation for Melody & Pamela
July 30, 2003

Today I received an email from a first time visitor to

The writer asks the following 3 questions:

1. How much do you pay Melody Beattie for sponsoring your website?

2. How much do you pay Pamela Anderson for sponsoring your website?

3. Most people with non-profits usually give themselves a large salary, how much is yours?


1. Melody Beattie read my book. She started my program. What she has done for me, my book and my website should be looked at more like what she is doing for People.

Melody is a gift from God for everyone who needs help and in this case she is on her own crusade to help everyone learn about and deal with hepatitis c. She did not ask for compensation and has not received compensation. Melody is a friend of all Heppers.

2. Pamela Anderson read my book. Everything she has done for me, my book or my website has been to further her cause for Hepatitis C Awareness.

Pamela has not asked for nor received compensation.

3. I do not have a salary from Triumph Over Hepatitis C, Non-Profit.
I have never taken any money from the Non-Profit. All money collected for the Non-Profit is returned to people in full, 100%.

Lloyd Wright


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