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changed by treatment
July 27, 2003

Hi Lloyd,

This is my first time to this web site.  I found out 2001 that I was positive for hep c.  After the blood work, liver biopsy I was put on interferon/rebav. - 6 (devil) capsules a day and 3 shots a week.  My doctor at the time went over some of the side effects that could become a problem for me.

Side effects?  I was a basket case!  I ended up at Valley hospital for five day's because I was afraid that I was going to kill my self.  That is just one of the side effects.  I'm now on long term disability and Social Security due mostly to the remaining side effect from treatment.

I was working towards my hours of becoming a CDP when I became to sick to work.  If I become stressed at any time it is impossible for me to concentrate, let alone trying to recall what I was saying.  It is very difficult under these conditions to facilitate a group.  I loved what I was doing and the group of people I worked with are awesome caring people.

Now I'm considering taking the natural herb's, I wish that would have been my first choice.  I'm exercising now and my body doesn't hurt as bad as it once did.  The fog has lifted and I'm thinking clearer.  I have a new doctor she is very good, the most important thing is she listens to her patient's. After treatment my viral count doubled.  Geno type is 1 A.  I want to think you for reading my message, also this massage might help other's with hep c try an alternative treatment.  Slowly making a come back in Tacoma, WA.

People, I hear this and worse every day of my life!

I am on a crusade to stop the mass torture of innocent victims of interferon therapy.

Please do not use this inappropriate drug!


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