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My Hepatitis C Story
July 2, 2003

Dear Lloyd,

I am sending this on a reply from our many e-mails so you can remember who I am and what my story is.  I was diagnosed with Hep C in October 2002.  I began the Hallelujah Diet the first of January 2003, which is a healthy way of eating, after I found out I had Hep C.  Then I found out about you and read your books, e-mailed you for the appropriate program for me, and I have been on your program since March 1, 2003.  I also have had four churches and miriads of friends and relatives praying for me since last October 2002.

I went in to my gastrointerologist's office for blood work about a week ago.
He knows I am on the Hallelujah Diet and your program and agreed to monitor my blood tests.  It had been six months since my last tests.

Hurrah!!!!!!!!!!!! My results were as follows:

RNA level is now 122,000 - down from 490,000
ALT is now 44 - down from 110
AST is now 52 - down from 103
Alkaline Phosphate is now 129 - down from 161
Protein is 7.0 - down from 7.2

I am so excited and thankful that God has used your program to start to heal my body of this horrible disease. I want to thank you for all your labors in finding out about this way of dealing with Hep C with natural products.

God has used you mightily and I pray you will remain healthy and enthusiastic about continuing to research this disease and help others on
their way to healing. I have shared your information with several other
people that suffer from Hep C. I pray they will take advantage of it.

I will have new bloodwork done in another six months and will keep you
posted. Please feel free to use my information in any way you choose, if
it will help someone else.

God bless you,
S. L. W.

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