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All My Puzzled Doctors
July 13, 2003

Hi LLoyd,

I'm doing fine. My ALT's are coming back normal, and my diabetes type 2 was downgraded to "non -existent." I feel much much better these days,
and no longer live in the fear I once did, although I still get tired sometimes. The doctor was puzzled to say the least. I actually felt sorry
for him as the realization hit him I didn't need him. He did not ask what I was doing.

I met a guy who died from Hep C.  No one told him that taking Tylenol
would kill him but it did. Met someone online who is on the transplant list.  Her doctors forbade her any herbs. The carnage goes on.

Speaking of vaccines and children, when my 9 year old son was born, we
were a little late getting to the hospital by a couple of hours after the water broke. They decided right away he was a dry birth (a lie) and pumped him full of antibiotics in intensive care for a solid week

Later on, in order to qualify for food stamps we had to submit to the
vaccines or face not having any food. He can't talk right, his vocabulary
is very limited, he has emotional problems, eating disorder, and he is not yet fully potty trained. We enrolled him in public school once, it was doing him some good, and his teacher said he was just fine and learning. But the school shrink tried to con us into the "special ed" program, because he missed the potty once. She said we would have a say in what they wanted to do. Excuse me?

"Have a say?" This is my child, not yours, lady. We read the complex legally
worded forms which she had causually downplayed tryng to get me to sign. I was shocked at the deception. They have all the say, when you get down to it. The parents have nothing, unless you want to fight with expensive lawyers, and hired experts. I could see it coming, the drugs to make him him more manageable. The extra money they get for the school. It reeked of perversion. We pulled him out the very next day amid veiled threats and protests. Now our guard is up.

Anyway, still playin guitar here working on spiritual tunes- warm regards
- m. f.

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