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Book Review
July 12, 2003

Dear lloyd,

My prayer has come tru. I love your book, help has FINALLY come to me. About 4 months ago, a check- up at my gynocologist office came back with a trace of Hepatitise C. My gynocologist said the test shows that I had it for a while. I was then sent to another Doctor because it's beyond my gynist expertise.

3 & a half weeks before I was due for the appointment with that doctor. Then 4 weeks later before I was schedule to go back there for the result. Dizzie, feeling of nausea, loose appitite,tired all the time and dealing with the pain...., depression., it's killing me. My job is major manual labour at a factory...., is unbearable. I got no stamina and light headed alot of time
Anyway..., a month came by, and I'm at the Doctors' office for my result. He looked at me and says....., your test shows your Hepatitise C is non ACTIVE.

I told him I am still feeling the pain there and still having that spell symtom. Did'nt even take my blood again for if it's probly active now. Anyawy..., I'm Asian and 35 yrs old. I've been feeling like this for a long time. All along I thought I have heartburn when I'm feelling the pain. Please advise me..., should I see a different doctor , whether a DO or a MD?

I don't trust that doctor, he was'nt helpfull at all with my questions. Should I go ahead and start a regimen of the hearbal tea that you've described, also with that NatCell? I've got insurance with my work. Will it hurt me if I start doing the tea and capsule, if it's true that my Hepatitise is not active?

I'm suppose to get back in the doctors' office in 2 months, just to run another test to see if anything change. But I want to do something now and don't want to wait. I don't think he's a good enough doctor with experience and advise. I have to asked him all kinds of questions before he even tells me whats up. He basically wanted to send me out the door asap.

Does non-active means I beat the virus? If so, why then I still have this pain and symtom.?

Which way should I go now? I had always believe in hearbal remedy. Please advise me. My gut feeling is telling me that I should go with your advise.

Please Help, desparate and scared...,
N. Y.

PS; You are a great writer and I can tell that you wear your colour on your sleeve. All along you made me laugh reading your book till 5 this morning. You've got great personality. Thank you and god bless you.

Hi N.Y.,

If I were you I would not follow what your doctor says. Doctors seem to know little or nothing about hep c. The only thing you can use them for is prescribing blood tests.

I would like to see your blood tests. You can fax them to 310 457 9449. I have noticed that often doctors make mistakes reading tests. Hard to beleive but it is true.

Even if you have non active hep c you can still have symptoms. I did after I was non-detected.

Sometimes still do, it is rare though but it does happen. I have comunicated with over 70.000 people who have hepatitis c and I can assure you that they have symptoms even when they are well.

The liver performs over 1200 functions so when it is damaged or hurt, it can cause many symptoms. Doctors seem to blow these off as other problems or mental difficulties. I assure you, you are having real symptoms, not delusions.

I would take:

Milk Thistle 400 mg 3 x day

Lipoic Acid 300 mg 3 x day

Selenium 400 mcg per day from all sources

Dandelion Root tea 1/2 quart per day


Vitamin B complex 1, 3 x day

Natcell Thymus 1 vial every other day,

Properly prepared Aloe 4 oz. 3 or more times a day.

Milk thistle seed tea, as much as you can drink for a while and see how you are doing.

I am sure the above will help allot.

Thank you for your kind words on my book. I do very much appreciate it.



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