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Re: My Diary
July 10, 2003

JULY 9-03

Hi there,

I am feeling OK today. When I first started taking your supplements, I felt really good-now I'm just feeling OK. I want to get the frozen thymus, if I do take that what else do I need (as a minimum)?

I understand that the thymus is great. I cannot afford both the level two and the thymus. I do like the dandelion tea and want to keep taking it.

Also, you said that you took the frozen thymus every other day. I can't afford to do that either. If I got the 24 vial pk. Would it work just to take it twice a week? I am feeling like I really need your help on this because I only work part time. I got laid off 4 months ago, found another job within a month. I had to take a pay cut and of course only part time. When I do work a full day, I am really exhausted. I haven't been taking naps though, and spending an hour or more in the sun as you suggested.

Felling OK is just not good enough, maybe I'm just a little down today. Need your input---PLEASE

A couple weeks ago in my diary, we talked about the anti-depressants. I have cut them way back-to 1/2 , that was before your advice and now down to 1/4 --- hope to be off of the (mornings) effexor within a month. I have to do this gradually because of the addictive nature of the prescriptions and the side effects. I have cut the (nightime) serequel by 1/2 and will start soon to reduce it to 1/4, on the clonazapam (nightime) I was taking taking 1mg, now down to .5mg.

Talk to you soon

Hi Debra:
You may be feeling a little down because you are cutting down on other drugs.

I am very proud of you. It is extremely difficult to cut down and stop. I think the drug companies designed that into the drugs. Most people would never think such a thing about drug companies but look what the once great tobacco companies did to us. First they glorified smoking in the movies, paid off senators and congressmen, made cigarettes more addictive, claimed they were not and advertised them to children in the name of long lasting profits.

The drug companies are doing a better job at selling there crap because so many Americans believe that doctors are gods.

God help us!

What you might try is:

Milk Thistle 400 mg 3 x day

Lipoic Acid 300 mg 3 x day

Selenium 400 mcg per day from all sources

Dandelion Root tea 1 quart per day

Natcell Thymus 3 per week,
I would like to see you do 3 instead of 2, a big difference

Properly prepared Aloe.

If you can afford this you should try it.

Call us, we will see what we can do.

Keep up you great efforts to stop the prescription drugs.
Thank You for keeping me informed.



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