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Cut Off Peg Intron
January 7, 2003


i have been on peg intron and riboviron for 3 months i dont need to tell you all how the treatment makes you feel. but my enzyme level went to almost normal so i figured 1 yr. and get rid of this crap ill do it.  i noticed a blotch in my vision that wouldn't float away they sent me to 3 different specialists optomalogist and 2 retinal drs.  i have retinitus causing bleeding they pulled me off the meds because if i got a hemmorage in the middle of my retina id be blind.   needless to say that wasn't part of the deal.

my problem now is the drs. (U. of Wash) say there is nothing they can do till technology finds another treatment.  i cant accept this can any body tell me about alternatives i have hep. c type 1A.  i have read your messages from others with the stinger (is that what it is called now?) and i am with them if knowing what i know now if id start again.  you dont know how sick!  it was making you till you come off of it.  but i have to also say you are not doing it for yourself but your loved ones.  we pay our price for how we chose to live.  in my case anyway.

if any one has ideas please send them tp me.  best of luck to you all and thank god for people that are interested enough to start these hot lines.


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