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New Client
January 6, 2003


I was diagnosed with hepatitis c in Sept. 2002 after I applied for life insurance and being denied after having blood test come back TESTED POSITIVE FOR HCV.

I did not know a thing about hepatitis c so I called my wife and ask if she did, we were both uneducated about the virus.  I spent about an hour on the internet and was totally devastated that I HAD THIS KILLER VIRUS!  I called my wife back and told her she was talking to a walking dead man.

We both agreed I should see a specialist, the next morning I was at DR M's he is a internal specialist and I was told not to worry that there was treatment interferon (YEA RIGHT).  He told me that I should have the proper test done a RIBA test to confirm virus and HCV RNA PCR to measure viral load RIBA TEST POSITIVE and PCR TEST 7,030,000 I/ML. DR.M called me back to let me know the results, he told me to see a hepatoligist at I.U. medical center.  I called to set up the appointment and could not get in until FEBRUARY 19,2003 three months away. I asked why so long and the receptionist replied that there was a lot of people walking around out there like me.  I went back to the internet to try and educate myself about my virus.  After numerous web sites I found yours.  What a relief after all I had read about and the only treatment INTERFERON. NO THANKS!

I began some of your herbs on 12/12/02 and today 1/01/03 took my first vial of TLM along with thymus glandular, ultra thistle, dandelion root caps., relishi mushroom caps., adrenal caps., articolpro caps., coral complex caps., liporic acid, selenium, c-aspa scorb, and drinking the teas dandelion and milk thistle!

I am determined to get rid of this virus I have a great wife a two year old son and a ten year old daughter to live for and take care of!  So I would like to THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING FOR OTHERS IT'S RARE IN THE WORLD TODAY!

Here are my results from 10/17/02 AST 97 ALT191 GGT 129

I plan on more blood tests to be done first week in February before going to specialist at I.U. medical center.  I will keep you posted.

I have a few questions to ask
#1 should I have a liver biopsy done?
#2 how do they determine acute or chronic?
#3 how do they determine genotype?

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.


ps. you may post my E-MAIL ON YOUR MESSAGE BOARD
just not my e-mail address. thanks!


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