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Have a Healthy and Happy New Year!
January 5, 2003

Hello Friends:

We at are starting the New Year off with operating systems designed to stop hackers and multiple virus attacks, which limited our email support for the last few months of 2002. This problem made it difficult to post email messages from people who told us of there terrific successes.

Our phone lines have been very busy with happy people telling us about their success, good blood tests etc. We ask that you email us your testimonials so we can post them for others to read. I have been doing this for a few years but the hacker problem limited this.

We are back in business ready to serve your interests.

Lets celebrate the new year with getting the word out
that Hep C can be dealt with by means other than
the prescribed method of poisoning one to near death
only to have it fail (interferon).

The best way I know of is to have my books in every store possible so that they are in front of the general public. This is the best way to get the word well known.  The general public does not know what we are going thru. People with HIV and AIDS have many difficulties, are safe to be around, and the general public knows it.  We on the other hand are often treated like the plague.

To help this awareness take place I am making a offer to everyone who buys Triumph Over Hepatitis C
(ISBN # 0-9676404-4-X)
in any Barnes and Noble Store (not online)
from any health food store that purchases their books
from Royal Publications or Nutri-Books.

Go to the store, if it is not in stock, order it.
When you pay for it send the original receipt to:
Lloyd Wright
PO Box 6347
Malibu, CA. 90264

Upon receipt,
I will send you a check for the price you paid plus $ 5.00 for your gas.  I will also give you $ 50.00 off of any natcell order including TLM plus the 10% off on orders over $ 200.00.
Please include your return address.
Offer Good 1 Time Only

Lets make 2003 the year we get some support from the people so we can get support and understanding from our representatives in congress. Lets get insurance to pay for alternative medicine. Lets make the people in power know we are MAD as Hell and we want their attention!

Have a Healthy and a Happy New Year!

Lloyd Wright
Click Here to Email Me
Toll Free 877 676 1615
Fax 310 457 9449


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