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Re: 1st Bloodwork Since Starting Your Program
January 28, 2003


Haven't emailed you since starting your program.  I know you are busy but I was hoping you could answer a few questions.  Was reading the message board and saw some questions about the Hep A vaccine.

My doctor had me get vaccinated for Hep A and B.  Had two shots first month then one shot a month later and another in Jan,03.

Should I have not done this, and should I complete the last shot? since I have started it.

I have been on your program for approx 2 months now, doing everything (I think)  Can't seem to keep up with he teas and aloe drink though. (need to work on that) Just switched from Natcell Thymus to TLM.  Is TLM better than just the Natcell thymus??

When should I ask my doctor about getting tested for ALT levels and viral load?  He thinks I have started the interferon treatment.

I got my Access Assurance card for the interferon stuff last week, and they are calling me up wanting me to call them back to start the treatment.

I have to say that I do have alot more energy after starting your regime, hope that is a good sign!

Thanks and hope to hear from you.


Jan. 26, 2003


Sent the above email awhile back, with all the computer problems you had wasn't sure if you got it.  I am going in to get some new bloodwork liver panel and viral load test done in 2 weeks. (middle of feb.)  I have been on your program since Sept,2002

I am hoping and praying that there is a big difference, kind of worried as I just finished getting vaccinated for Hep A & B, and read that makes your viral load go up.  Had the last shot Jan 3rd.

The doctor and his office think that I am making a very big mistake by not going on therapy.  They keep calling wanting to know why I haven't started yet.  I told them what I have been doing here, got the impression from them that they think I'm a fool to put it mildly.  I so desperately want to prove them wrong.  They set me up for the new bloodwork, with the understanding saying that if there is no difference they want me to start the meds.

It's like they do not even want to know what I am taking, they almost refuse to let me tell them about it, very strange.

I sure hope that my news is good , as I sure would like you to post my results in your site as a good testimonial to your program.

I am placing my order for another 3 months worth of products, even before seeing the results of the first 3 months, just based on the way that I feel!


Hi R:

It is not a mistake to take the hep A or Hep B vaccine.  It is a personnel choice. Hep a can kill someone who has hep c.

It does raise the viral load double or triple for 9 months to a year.  This does not hurt you.  You just need to know that your numbers will be higher.  No connection to symptoms, AST or ALT.

You can get a liver panel when ever you like.  Please do not let your doctor talk you into using interferon, it will alter your life in a bad way, and it very well could affect you for the rest of your life.  It is better to not do anything than to use interferon's.

In good health


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