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Natcell Success?
January 26, 2003

This is one of your customers, D. C.-A.

My Egyptian Husband started taking your program supplements without Natcell, and his liver ALT readings continued to escalate, up to NINE TIMES the normal levelwithin 6 months.

Then, after you told us to do Natcell frozen thymus and mesenchyme,
after ONLY 2 MONTHS, my husbands' liver ALT readings are NORMAL!

We consulted with the BEST liver doctor in Egypt while on vacation in
December.  The doctor was VERY INTERESTED in your Natcell brochure that I brought along, although he couldn't bring himself to ask me specifics, perhaps because I'm an American FEMALE.  Anyway, Dr. A El-Zayadi says that he cannot conclude that this dramatic difference is due to Natcell because he says the liver ALT levels characterisically fluctuate with HEP C.

I reminded him that my husband's ALT levels have never fluctuated, but for
the past year and a half, have continually ESCALATED, and have never
dropped until NOW.

So, this Egyptian doctor has my husband on a liver maintenance herbal
program, and we will check his liver ALT enzymes again in 3 months. Dr.
El-Zayadi says that because my husband's ALT levels are NORMAL, that
this is a contraindication for interferon and does NOT Recommend it at
this time. PHEW!!!

Just thought you'd like to know that your Natcell has got the best liver
doctor in Egypt baffled....


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