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A Call To Action From Lloyd
January 23, 2003

Three and ½ years after publishing my first book, numerous speeches and reflection from others on the forums, feedback from over 50,000 people, it is my opinion that the pharmaceutical industry owns the purse strings of several organizations.  The American Liver Foundation and the Hepatitis Foundation International are just a couple.

Most people in this country have no idea of the horror that is being perpetrated against people with hepatitis c, the demanding, arrogant forcefulness brought against these people to participate in the use of interferon and the demand that they do this therapy.  The insistence of the medical community that there is no other choice, herbs, supplements and alternative or natural therapies is a joke.

In reality we have a situation that appears as follows: the medical community is demanding that people use a drug that is more deadly, disabling and dangerous than the disease itself.  The only possible reason for this is money.

It is time for the people to become aware that this atrocity is occurring here in the United States.  It is going unchecked, it is out of control and people only use this therapy because they are scared into it or are under the belief that it is the only way they can save their life.

People are so into the belief that their doctor knows best that they know not what to do but follow his or her advise.  The doctors either don't know or have been bought.  Billions speak loud and silent.  Billions are hard to stop.  Billions go far.  Remember the tobacco industry scandal?  Senators, congressman sold the health of the people for money.

We need to stop what the medical community is doing to us.  We need to stop the billions of the pharmaceutical companies from robbing us of our health.

Sound a little paranoid?  Sound a little like a conspiracy?  Ask anyone who has been on interferon for the treatment of hepatitis C!

I need a national celebrity
who will endorse Triumph Over Hepatitis C.
Let truth be known.

Please call: (877) 767-1615
Email: Lloyd Wright
or Fax: (310) 457-9449

In truth,
Lloyd Wright


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