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Re: Class Action Law Suit
January 17, 2003

Hi Lloyd,

My name is C. and I found out that I have Hep C 4 years ago and was put on treatment last year. The treatment did not work for me and I am now labeled a non-responder.

Since I have been on the meds, everything about me has gotten worse. I'm really having trouble with my memory. I had an MRI done recently and the doctor tells me that I have 5 white matter lesions all on the left side of my brain and that they may have been caused by the Pegulated Interferon. Do you know of anyone else that has reported anything like this? Ever since I took the medication (Poison) my friends and family have told me that my memory has gotten worse.

If you have any information on any class action suit please let me know, because I believe that it is the medication that has caused all of my problems.

Also please let me know how I can get a copy of your book.

Thank you for your time and help.

Hi C:

I have many people tell me many different things that have happened to them as a result of interferon.

One person told me his brain exploded. He was on peg for 6 months and he was on an elevator and his brain exploded. What actually happened was that he developed an infectious disorder, caused by interferon which was much like a pimple on one side of his brain and it popped, sent him to the hospital and he is very lucky to be alive.

They had to open his scull and remove part of his brain to save him.
Interferon's cause so much trouble that I am amazed that we do not just shoot the people who run Schering Plough instead of the leader of Iraq.

Further I would like to state that I heard on the radio that Schering Plough is one of the top 10 worst companies in the world, right nest to Enron. The big difference is that schering has killed more people than any other company.

On my message board there is a women who is doing a class action suite against Schering Plough, I believe her name and number is there if you can not find it let me know and I will have my office manager get back to you about it.

In good health


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