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Getting Well & Feeling Great
February 8, 2003

Dear Lloyd,

God bless you in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ.  Thank you for your work to bring a cure for people like me.  I am 50 years old and went in April, 2002 for a physical exam the first one in 20 years.  I was shocked to learn that I had hep C as as well as border line high blood pressure and kidney stones.  Well first I got rid of the stones.  Then lost 25 pounds (6'4" 225lbs) and joined a health club.

I got the hep. C from a blood transfusion after an operation in 1984.  The
Hep C was much harder.  The liver Doctor wanted to give me the interferon, howevever I have a believer friend who told me about Silver Solution and Dr. Don Colbert's book "The Bible Cure for Hepatitis/Hepatitis
C".  This is how I found you.

Well I tried one shot of the Peg Intron and the ribavarin on a friday.  By wednesday I turned Jaundice and the doctor thought I would need a complete blood transfusion.  God blessed me and I recovered.  Then I
ordered the Natcell thymus and other pills.

On the first of December I had a blood test. I had been on the cure for 2 weeks.  I didn't get the results until Jan. 27.  The doctor said my liver functions were worse and I want you to try the new interferon.  I said " I
feel too good. I want another blood test."  The next day I get a call from the nurse, she was amazed!

MY LIVER FUNCTIONS WERE 50% BETTER AFTER 9 WEEKS USING THE CURE!!  The nurse said to keep doing what I am doing.  I have told the doctor about the cure but he said if it worked he would know about it so the natcell thymus wouldn't work.  I am proving him wrong.

I will forever be in your debt.  If I can be of help please let me know.  I have shared my story as much as possible.

God bless in the name of Jesus Christ,
D. R.


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