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Good Day Lloyd
February 7, 2003


I read your message board frequently.  Some days I smile when I read a positive message and cry to others.  I sit many times and say prayers for all that find your site -a simple prayer of thanks for letting these people find you and having you here to find.  I thank you from the bottom of my liver! :-) (heart).

I have written to you a few times since last summer when I found out I had Hep C.  I have bought TLM and a few other supplements from you.  I have also bought supplements (ones that you recommend) in a vitamin shop here in NJ.

I go again to Memorial Sloan-Kettering this Thursday (Jan. 30th) for blood work and another Hep b shot.  I did have a liver biopsy done a month ago and my liver is great.  I sent to your office a couple of months ago my blood results from the last time.  I did find out I am type 1B and my viral load is 295,000 which is low.  I know getting the hep shots my viral load will increase but I feel I did the right thing by getting the shots.

I know MSKCC will want to start me on the interferon but I am saying NO. Last time I saw the doctor he gave me the script for the medicine and a "cute" little blue vinyl lunch box from the drug co. - in it was info about the medicine and a syringe container.  I put the lunch box in the closet and never want to see it again.  I will use the syringe container since I had stomach cancer years ago and have to take a B-12 shot once monthly to myself.

I guess I am writing tonight because I feel much stress since I am due to go to Sloan and face the doctor and say NO to the therapy.  Lloyd, it is not easy to face doctors and stand up to them.  They sound so sure of themselves and as a patient I feel little.  Wow.....Lloyd, as I just typed this last sentence I realize how to solve this feeling.  Off and on in the next day and as I go to NYC I will do mini meditations and visualizations.... which is... I will visualize me speaking with the doctor - I will be bigger in size as I speak and he will be little.  I will speak and speak well and confident in my visualization.  This will work.  Hmm...there is a reason for everything... there are no accidents.  Even writing this to you proves there was a reason and that is to solve my own feelings of stress with facing the doctor and being tough and saying NO with confidence.

I apologize to you Lloyd for having to read this long email and I again thank you for being here for all of us.

I can't do this therapy.  I just cannot.  I have a handicapped son.  What if I do this therapy and one of the side effects lead to something else and I can't take care of my son?  I can't do this therapy and will not.

Taking the supplements and TLM I seem to have lost the "fog" in my head and I feel better than before.  Someday when I get rid of this Hep C I will donate a box of TLM to another person that cannot afford it.  I promise.  I really have a tough time buying it now too but I figure someday I will return the goodness to someone else by at least donating a box of TLM.
It's going to happen.


P.S. When I call in my order your "Angels" that take my order are wonderful -tell them thank you too!

Good Day Lloyd,

You may post my email.  I must tell you about my visit with the doctor.

I did feel confident and in control and that is because I had the knowledge regarding the interferon.

When I said no to the therapy they accepted my answer with no problem and even made a statement - I don't blame you since your viral load is low and there is only a 40%-45% chance it would help.  They were compassionate and caring.  I made myself stress out for nothing.  I will be returning there for a six month check up and will then get blood work.

They also suggested a Chinese herb study which they presently have underway.  The doctor in charge will be in touch with me since I did say I would like to know more.  Knowledge about everything involved with Hep C is good.


I will stay on your program- I know that's best.


Hi C:

I have listened to many Chinese doctors and they all say that they are ineffective with dealing with the viral load but do well with the AST and ALT.  This is mainly because most of them are vegetarians and will not use glandulars.

Please keep me informed.

In good health


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