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Re: Hope in Texas
February 6, 2003

Hi Lloyd:

What I ordered from you: alfalfa tablets, aloe vera juice, cats claw-bulk, pro calm, milk thistle bulk, Natcell thymus vials,reishi mushrooms-dried, selenium aller-aid, thymus organic glandular capsules, and milk thistle capsules.  Haven't been on it a week yet, but do seem to have more energy.

Decided against interferon that the doc wanted me on for one year.  Hubby absolutley refused, thank God.  I was first diagnosed with chronic hep c in October.  Don't understand the #'s.  Could you help?  Ast was 40, Alt was 53, Amylase 115, MCV was 100. HCV RNA, PCR, Quant was 1649700 H Copies/ml less than 135-- 611000 H IU/ML less than 50.

I had a biopsy which said inflamation and fibrosis 2-3+, 2+. Active hep with early fibrosis, slight fatty metamorphosis and slight siderosis. Moderate to severe increase in the number of chronic inflammatory cells associated with portal triads principally lymphocytes.  Significant erosion of limiting plates is noted . Rare cells which have undergone fatty metamorphosis are noted.  Special stains for iron demonstrate a mild increase in that material located within hepatocytes.  Special stains to enhance recognition of fibrous connective tissue (trichrome) show an increased amount of that material within portal triads, and associated with some central veins.  Also the suggestion of early bridging is present as well.

So there it is.  Gonna have another test done the end of April with a hepatologist at UT Southwestern in Dallas.  I'm taking your herbs with a vengance cause I want my report to be better and show the docs they're wrong about your program.

So, are my #'s real bad or average?  Should i get the Hep a and b shots?  I am 53 years old and also going thru menopause........... its been a bitch, night sweats like crazy.  Originally went to the dr with my left side acheing for several months.  They said it's probably a muscle?!  Can the hep c make the left side hurt under my boob?  It's a hurt like when you're a kid and you get a side ache from running.

Anyway, I thank you in advance for any answers you can help me with. Should I get the coral calcium too?

Bye and thank you for your book which I read in one nite and cried like a baby.



The ache on you left side is most likely your spleen.  Some people have that especially in Texas.  Do not let them take it out unless 5 doctors say you are going to die if you do not.

The biopsy is not bad, almost bridging fibrosis.  I was beyond that stage.

Your AST and ALT are good, just a little high which could be associated with the iron mentioned in the biopsy.  They should come down on my program unless the iron, (Ferritian) is high.

Your viral load is low, you look at the IU/ml, not the copies.

Your not bad, your better than average and I think that you are going to be just Fine.

Please, what ever you do Please do not use interferon's, you will never be the same.

You are doing just fine and the spleen may require some other items but for now keep up what you're doing and it may get better as they usually do.

If you get the hep A and hep B shots your viral load will double or triple. This is not harmfull in the long run in most cases.  But do except it to happen.  There are high levels of mercury in the vaccines which cause toxic reactions in the liver.  They are now working on hep a abd hep b vaccines that do not have the high levels of mecury in them.

I am here for any future questions.

In good health


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