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A Little Does A Lot
February 6, 2003

Hi LLoyd;

This is from the guy in Oregon that learned I had hep c, was almost killed in head on collision and almost stepped on a rattle snake all in the same week.

The Lord dropped psalm 91 on me and led me to you.  After taking milk thistle, and most of your recommended vitamin regimen, my alt no.'s were cut in half.  But blood test showed I was boarder line diabetic. So I started the lapoic acid waited about 90 days against dr.s orders, he wanted the test done right away. After taking tests the doc called and left a message on the machine saying my liver tests were even lower than last time and no diabetes.  He said we should do a viral load test now.  I'm not expecting to much on the viral load tests, because I haven't started on the frozen thymus yet.  I just applied for a refinance on my house and it looks good. I'll be able to pay off debts and will be able to start ordering frozen thymus.

I am also blessed with a good doctor.  He told me right from the start if it were him he would not go for the interferon stuff.

God Bless You Brother.

P.S.I've recently shared your book's with someone who's wife is very sick from hep c and probably even sicker from the interferon treatments.  Her own doctor is taking her off the treatments because they aren't doing any good.  I told him to at least get her to take what I am, and to connect with you, because you do answer e-mails and phone calls like you did with me.

S. R.


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