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Feeling Better
February 5, 2003


feeling much better been on program for a month energy is way up color is back.  At times I feel real good better than I HAVE IN QUITE a while.  I work as a construction laborer and I do farrier work on the side.  Both require a high level of energy and strength.  I haven't been able do both for about a year.  I had been able work const. just making it thru the day.

I DIDN'T KNOW HOW I was going to pay for your program, if I am able to shoe horses I will be able to get by that was not possible the way I was feeling.

Went to doctor couple of weeks ago to get results of blood test.  The enzyme # was down from a year ago at time of biopsy.  Had been taking natural remedies since then and seeing naturopath but had slowed up some to see what would happen.  I wasn't real impressed with my nat/doc.  He is kind of weird.  Some of what he recommended is on the right track and at times I felt almost normal.  He never seemed to stick with any thing to long

Anyway after he double billed my ins. I haven't been back.  Iam 50 in july. we are having a baby 4/24/03, we also have a 14 yr. old girl.  I can't afford not to work.  If I am able to work at both jobs I MIGHT be able to pull it off.

My enzyme #s are about 100 ast/alt down from 200 2yrs ago. Waiting to see what my next results will be after being on your program.  Not very good at this computer email stuff I PRAY I continue to improve on your progam.

THANK YOU hope you are doing well


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