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Peg Intron Worked :(
February 3, 2003

Hi Lloyd,

I am a 44 yr. old male, I was diagnosed with hep c, type 1 A, about 2 yrs ago.  Since the diagnoses I have been on to different interferon treatment plans at my expense.  The med are not cheap as you well know.  The first treatment of interferon and rebetrol was not a success, which was 3 shoots a week and 5 pills a day.  As well known it did not work.

So the doc put on a different type of interferon, peg intron which consisted of 1 shot a week and 5 pills a day, well that did work.  Instead of my Viral Load going down
it went from 200,000 to 1 million.

It went up.  I am at my wits end.  I have been read about herbs, and there are so many of them , can you suggest some from them for me so I don't by every herb that works with Hep c.



My program works better than interferon.  It works in a very different way.

Attached is what I did.  If you can read my book it will answer many questions and can save your life and lots of future problems.

The first things to take are:
Milk thistle 400 mg 3 x day
Lipoic acid 200 mg 3 x day
Selenium 400 mcg from all sources
Dandelion root tea, 1 quart per day, afternoon and evening
Natcell thymus 1 vial every other day or TLM
Properly prepared aloe 4 oz 3 or more times a day

I would do everything I did as there is something different each thing does
and they work together as a synergy.  Read my message board and I think you will find that both people who have used interferon's and one's who have not have had terrific results.

In good health


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