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Re: Re: Posting e-mail
February 27, 2003

Hello Lloyd,

I have just received your package of herbs, and suffice it to say I am just a little daunted. I have been a homeopath for 14 yrs, and I am used to dealing with tiny pellets. I was misdiagnosed in 1991 with chronic fatigue syndrome/fibromyalgia, and because I was no longer taking anything mind altering, could not take any of the drugs they wanted to prescribe. (Someone was looking out for me) I sought out alternative methods, and have been deeply and actively involved with homeopathy and have been studying the art for 13 years.  I have been treated homeopathically since. I have undergone pain management programs (for a major cost) and have sought out every known (and unknown) source of healing, for the incredible pain I have endured through the years.  Even had a biopsy on my lower lip which was subsequently diagnosed as lichen planus.  My joints and overall pain continues to be excruciating, and has gotten worse lately.

I can't tell you of the shock I experienced when one week ago, I was told my Husband and I both were HepatitisC positive.  The only reason I found out was because I personally checked off the box on the Drs. test order.  I just wanted a very all inclusive test!  My Husband does not have any
symtoms at all, and his numbers are quite a bit lower than mine.  I have many questions for you, as I have been into detoxifiing methods (although I haven't been very serious about doing them myself).

First of all, what is your stance on wheat grass juice?  Also, do you know what I can do to increase my white cells.  Is this where the pain is coming from?  The fatigue?  Will the aloe vera help with the ability to let the nutrients help the white cells.  I am very sick right now with a flu virus, and I have such a hard time to get over anything I manage to pick up in the way of these common illnesses.  My Husband and I own a fairly large corporation, and it has been such a fight to not let my illnesses detract from the business.  I go in every day, even if I can barely make it.  Am I doing my health wrong to push myself to this degree, as I experience incredible stress sometimes.

Do I need to become a partially disabled person?  We are both very type A personalities, but our health comes first.  What do you have without that?

Lloyd, thank you for your good work, and devotion to all us sufferers of this incredulous disease.  I share your feelings and opinions of the HEALTH PROFESSION.  They have the money energy attached to them.  I am sure I will be e-mailing you again.  Thank your organization for the support they have given my daughter R, because she is very freaked out about
all this, as we could not be any closer as mother and daughter and her fears are great, for me as well as her father.

In Peace and Love,

Hi M:
If you are using the thymus or TLM your white blood cells will increase.  If that happens to slow for you add the natcell liver and Mesenchyme and you should see them go up quickly, not over night but in several weeks.

Have you tried MSM?  I have used several kinds for years and the two on my site are the best I have ever had.  I take it a few times a day because of pain.

I know that there is a lot of things in my program and it seems overwhelming but it sure makes a difference.  I talk with people all day long every day that are so thank full that they found me.  So when you get use to it I am sure you will see a difference.

You can use wheat grass juice.  I prefer Barley grass.  Any good thing you can do for your diet, do it.

I remember being in so much pain that I felt like a skeleton that needed a grease job, most of that joint pain is gone.

After being crushed by a bull dozer, one has pain.  The pain caused by hep c will diminish as you do my program.  When one has hep c and a cold, it is usually bad, takes longer to get well.  Antibiotics usually make it worse.
Work hard at this and you will be amazed.

In good health

Hello Lloyd,

I have been doing your program for a month now, and find myself optimistic and hopeful and in solution!!  I am still in the process of testing at the mechanics, and find it hard to speak with them, because I consider myself to be an enlightened being in most regards (I have been working on my spitituality very diligently for many years). In dealing with the mechanics
office and staff, it is hard to comunicate with beings still asleep and in such gross denial.  It is also frightening!!

I have been as cynical as you for many years, as I have had my experience in dealing with my chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, which has been a nightmare in itself.  I believe I am way ahead because of it though, and have used my illness to develop many wholistic practices.  And so I came to believe that my illness was a blessing, in that I discovered many beautiful things because of it.

Then I was diagnosed last month with Hep C, it did rock my world big time, but I had these tools I had developed over the 14+ years to fall back on. And so I am grateful and up to the challenge of beating this demon.  And now you have come into my life (and my husbands, as he has it too) with such a message of HOPE and SOLUTION.  You were put here for a reason, and suffered not in vain, but to help all of us who are in the dark and in such a dark space.

I just found out I am a phenomonom, as I have just received my Gyno Type from the mechanics office, and it seems I have two (2) types, 1A and 2B. This has never been seen before in their office, and so it is also baffling to me.  I don't really know even how to feel about it.  Of course I know the 1A is harder to clean than the others, but I don't perceive it to be any different, as long as I stay with the Herbs and Supplements.

Do you thing I should request a retest?  My test on my ultra sound seems to be OK.  I will know more about that when I go back on the 25th (to the Hematologists office) I would treasure your opinion in this regard, if you could please let me know what you think.

Thanks to all of you there in Malibu.  By the way, I only live a couple of miles from downtown Saratoga, and go there a couple of times a week.  I live in Los Gatos, you may have passed our little town as well when you were here.  I am happy to know you to appreciate this area.  I also love Malibu, and used to go to the Albatross many years ago when I worked for the Studios in Beverly Hills and LA.  It was always special to go there and the people were always great!

I also want to thank you for the book that you sent.  I am still waiting for Barnes and Noble to call me, to say they have it now.
I have been waiting a month for it.

In peace and love,
M. M.

Hi M:

Thank you for this beautiful email.

Please let me know what barns and noble do as I am interested in just how incompadent they are.

I have some clients with 2 geno types.  It does not seem to be a problem but I have not had enough experience with it to be sure.

1 A is just hard for interferon to work on.  I have more 1 a geno types get well than any other but that is directly related to the fact that most people have 1a.

I am wondering if your chronic fatigue and fibromyaliga are really the effects of hep c.  In most misdiagnosed cases they are.

I would love to post your email as it tells such a positive story.  Perhaps it would make people think.  I take names address etc,. off.  If it is OK, please let me know.

Please do not let the mechanic talk you into using peg intron.

In good health

Hi Lloyd,

Thanks for the advice, and I do not believe the genotype will have anything to do with my cure on the herbs. I believe the herbs are all encompassing.

Thank you Lloyd, for your efforts again, stay well and happy.  The barnes and noble store is in Campbell, Ca. at the pruneyard shopping center.  They did call me last week (one month later) to tell me the book was in.  I am going to pick it up for someone else who I know is suffering from Hepc and lupus, who is on her 2nd go round with the interferon.  She can
hardly walk.

I would be happy for you to post my e-mail and send a positive message to all who need an encouraging message.

In peace and love,

Hi M.:

I know a few people who had hep c and lupus and when on my program the lupus went away.  Actually the best case I know of was a women who was the wife of one of my clients and she started taking thymus, just thymus and got well from lupus.

Giving interferon to someone with lupus is surely a very bad idea, WHAT is the doctor thinking.
Perhaps he owns stock in the local morgue.

I am sorry Barnes and Noble takes so long, I have had a talk with them and they have promised to do a better job.

Get your friend off of interferon.
In good health


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