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This virus is everywhere!!
February 22, 2003

Hi Lloyd,

Every time I turn around, I run into another person
who either has HepC or has a relative or a friend with
it. Last week I went to get a pedicure, when I
arrived with my bag o' lunch pills to take there was a
woman having her nails done, who asked me what all
those pills were for. I told her I have HepC, and she
told me that her brother has it, got it from a blood
transfusion when he was 5 years old. So I ran out to
my car, and got a copy of your book to give her. She
wanted to pay me, I said absolutely NOT!! She started
to cry, and said she believes that nothing happens by
accident, that we were supposed to be there at the
same time and meet.

Then Heather,who was going to do my pedicure told
me her uncle has it. So back out to the car I go, get
another book for her.

A few days later, I hired a guy to clean out my
chimney and fireplace insert. We got to talking about
health, and I told him I have Hep C , showed him my
"pharmacy". He was very interested, and subsequently
told me that his best friends brother has it. I gave
him one of your business cards because now I am out of
books again!!!

This happens all the time with me, probably because
I am not at all hesitant to talk about my hepC with
anyone, and I want people to know about you, and that
there are alternatives. Sometimes my big mouth and
talkative nature are a blessing! Remember that before
I found you, and the remedy, I didn't talk to anyone
anymore, I barely left my house, I was so sick.
God bless you, and love to you and everyone there.



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