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Re: My Hep-c Diagnosis
February 21, 2003

Dear Lloyd,

Thank you very much for your reply.  I know you must be very busy.  I am
trying to get the virus load and Iron test out of Kaiser.  They keep saying
that I have to go to the liver specialist which they have scheduled me for
on March 13th.  It looks like i have no choice but to go to that
meeting/class.  I am half way through a book called Living with Hep-C a
survival's guide by Gregory Everson.  I am utterly confused because in that
book there many people who have achieved the sustained levels of remission and kept it for more than 6 months after the interferon or the comb treatment.

I got my first set of the herbs and have already started taking them.  It is all so overwhelming.  I can't imagine how you could have done so much more that what I got on a daily basis.  I am going through this all alone and that is another hard part.  I need you to stay in touch with me.


Hi M.:

I am sorry it has taken me so long to answer your email.  I have been very
busy and have been taking them in order.

You can go to the classes but you can also just say no.

They are priming you or I should say brain washing you for interferon.
Are you willing to go thru hell for a year to obtain non-detected for 6

A man was here Friday.  He has been on interferon for two years and then
the head of hepatology at cedars sinai medical center in Los Angles, Dr.
Sterling, put him on peg intron.  In the 3 months he was on it he could not
work, he has never been non-detected and the peg started to destroy his

He came here with a stack of blood work from the great dr. sterling and
the only viral load tests in the 1 inch high stack were the range tests.  All
greater than 1 million. What kind of medical practice is this I asked him.

How can you go
to the head of a giant hospitals hepatology department
and for 2 years and 3 months he just gives you a range test.

I can answer that, a money oriented situation

The FDA guide lines state that if someone does not respond in 2 months, they should be removed from therapy.

The reason is because peg can cause serious damage to many organs even years later.

Well, this man's pancreas is in trouble and dr. sterling took him off of
the peg poison and told him that was all he could do.

After 2 years, 3 months of making money, no improvement and now in danger of losing his life from a known side effect of rat poison for human trials, "PEG INTRON"!

Do you really want to use it?  I could tell you stories like this for the
rest of my life and never run out of the horrible stories that I have

Back to your concern about taking so many supplements.  Once you get use to it, it becomes second nature, especially when you start feeling great.  I know it is allot but it is like fighting a war, you must do it on many
fronts.  Doing my program will help you feel better while getting well and no
negative side effects like pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer.

Another thing to consider is the story I just told you. That man was to be
on interferon for a year.  If you saw him, you would not want to be him, he
was damaged and his damage was from medical abuse not hepatitis c.  I am sure there must be people who become non-dectected but at what price.  For the ones that do, there are far to many casualities.

In good health


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