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`Triumph Over Hepatitis C' Book to be Translated
February 18, 2003

Source: Karpe Communications

Best-Selling `Triumph Over Hepatitis C' Book to be Translated,
Published in China, Korea and Japan

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 17, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- "Triumph Over Hepatitis C," the best-selling book that details an alternative treatment program for Hepatitis C sufferers and challenges the generally accepted and sole treatment regimen currently available from the U.S. medical establishment for treating the disease, will be translated and published in China, Korea and Japan, author and publisher Lloyd Wright has announced today.

Wright, who in the book recounts the medical treatment plan that proved nearly fatal for him and then documents his subsequent development of an herbal-based regimen that has completely cleared the disease from his body, self-published "Triumph Over Hepatitis C" and its companion book, "Hepatitis C Free," in 1999.  Since that time, the books have consistently ranked at or near the top of various best-seller lists in their specialty health-care category.

With growing attention focused on the disease in the United States, where up to some 15 million Americans are believed to now be infected, and a growing awareness of the endemic proportions the disease has taken in Asia since the first test for it was developed in 1991, Wright expects to see a sharp increase in both book sales and for his herbal treatment products.

"But what's most important is that those diagnosed with the disease know that there is an alternative to the debilitating and ineffective interferon therapy now prescribed by the medical community," said Wright.  "I know firsthand how interferon therapy does not work -- it nearly killed me -- and, likewise, I know, as do thousands of others I have documented, what does work."

Desperate sufferers of the disease, many in the chronic- and end-stages of it, have turned to Wright's books and his products to successfully treat the disease.  With the translation of the books in Asia, and the much greater acceptance of herbal products to treat medical problems in that region of the world, Wright should be a popular and credible authority.

Published by Atrium Publishing of Canada, the books will be promoted by Wright during a series of speaking engagements.  Dates for the translation and book tour were not yet available.

CONTACT: Karpe Communications
Keith Karpe
(949) 706-1045


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