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Re: 2nd order placed
February 17, 2003


I just placed my 2nd order.  I received the first one on Friday.  I am trying to talk my husband Bill into the Lloyd's TLM; however, he does not want me to buy it because of the cost.  I am the only one working to support our household.  He is on his appeal process for SSD/SSI, and with limited funds he feels that the children should come first and putting food on the table, a roof over our head, and living in Florida A/C is a must... so the utilities must be paid first...which leaves us with very little.  I have used my credit cards for the first 2 orders, he is a bit angry because we must pay them now.

All I know is I gave him his Peg injection last night
and he is laying here with a temp of 103.2
and can't move a muscle or bone in his body.

I tried to talk his family into helping with the cost, but after explaining what this stuff is they now think I'm crazy.  I just want my husband alive a well.  Maybe I am being greedy, but I love him!!!!  He is slowly trying to read your book, but this brain fog makes it hard so I am reading it to him every chance I get.  Unfortunately I work midnight shift and feel like I am in a coma all day myself.  I would take a second job, but I do need to care for him and my children... mostly him!!

What is the exact cost of the TLM?, and how the heck can I convince him that it will be worth every penny!?!

I wish insurance companies would cover this type of treatment,
but this is the USA and God forbid insurance
companies pay for stuff that works.

I am begging him to call your number so he can hear this information from you... A SURVIVOR!!!  Once again... thank you for all you do.

God Bless!!
T. W.

Hi T.W.:

I am sorry it took so long for me to answer your email.  I answered all the ones on my usual computer and did not know this one was here.

I have many clients that do peg and are very sorry later.

I have one client that put what you said in good perspective.  2 years ago on the day of the Indy 500 race, a client called and wanted me to meet him about an hour away to get some natcell.

I was really looking foreword to taking a day off since I had not had one for years.  I really wanted to watch the race.  I went and met him and missed the race.  It was well worth it.

He was a small man of Mexican decent.  He had his wife and several children with him.  He told me that he had been unable to work.  That he went to his boss and said he wanted to take 1/2 of his retirement out of the account to get my program so he could go back to work.  His boss said it would be better for him to just leave his money to his family as they would need it when he died.

Well, he took the money and in a few months went back to work, feels great and has been doing just fine ever since.

He took the chance and he did thank me profusely for his recovery.  It was far better to hear his situation and how his family is doing just fine because he is back at work feeling just fine.

This story is somewhere in my message board. I hear it several times a week from people.  The most unfortunate thing I hear is people who just will not give alternative or 'Natural Medicine' a chance.

Items like interferon should not be used for hep c.  It is a crime against humanity.

I do hope things go better.
In good health


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