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Re: FDA information on PEG-Intron
February 14, 2003

Hi M.

Read page 40 of this report.

Why anyone would want to take PEG-Intron, and why the FDA approved it is hard for me to believe after seeing their 43-page report on their web site:



Another problem with people is IGNORANCE.  They don't read, they don't have the basic knowledge to understand how things work but they are looking at doctors as if they are GOD who came on earth to save them.

I don't blame anybody for having no knowledge of chemistry, biochemistry, technology, etc, but I blame them for not reading, searching all sources or listening to others with experience.

You can't convince anybody to do what you are saying because they will ask you if you are a "medical doctor", so live them to take any poison called a Peg-intron or whatever commercial name has and pay the prize. The confusion makes doctors rich but not from my pocket.  My treatment cost me a fortune every year (right now I am doing my taxes and I am shocked how much I spent for my liver), but I feel better and don't destroy all my organs in order to get a sicker liver, bone marrow, thyroid, with 50% chances to eliminate this virus C.



Hi M.:

You are right, people do not research,
they do not do much but follow what there doctor says.

What happened to all the Americans that stopped the Vietnam war?

What happened to the people who were questioning the authorities?

What happened to all the people who knew that the government and corporations were making billions going to war in Vietnam?

Well, the government has figured out how to control people, they had to as they nearly lost control of the public during the Vietnam war.  It has been a priority of the US government ever since.  They were and are dedicated to controlling the thoughts of the public.  I have conferred with many knowledgeable people on this topic and it is a unanimous response, control of the public is a primary goal and is now in check.  1984 has come on us and we did not even notice.  This is not a paranoid perspective, it is reality!

Keep the public happy!
We are on an adventure and its true reality will only be revealed by historians.

In good health


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