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Interferon Eyes
February 1, 2003

Hi Lloyd

I live in Southern California and have gone through two combination therapy trials to rid myself of type 1 hepc. (still positive)  I read the messages this morning and was shocked to read your claim that pegalatyed interferon does not work with type 1.  I have not heard this before and need to see solid proof of your claim.  Not a day goes by that i curse sherring-plough for the devastating effects of the combination therapy prescribed by my gastro dr at Kaiser.  I am absolutely convinced that my right eye was permanently damaged as a result of the drug, and i saw both optometrists and optomologists at Kaiser and complained loudly that my eyes were effected by the drug.  They didnt beleive interferon could effect my eyes, but sherring supplied literature to me which i gave to the eye dr's.

If you know of any lawyers getting involved for a class action suit, please let me know immediately. I'm also convinced that this program may have done other unknown damage to me that is undetectable at this time.  My dr thinks i may have had the virus for close to 20 years.

What are you doing about your eye situation?  My right eye feels like i have sand in it constantly and I use drops all day long to keep them wet. During the therapy, i had massive veins bulging in my eyes and constant severe irritation.  I never had problems prior to my experience with peg-intron.  I'm convinced it is pure poison and i was a lab rat.  Please provide a link to the lawyers ...tia.

Thanks & best regards
C. Y.

Hi C.Y.,

Look on message board, oct. 2002 and there is a link.

Thank You for sharing your stories with others with hep c.  I do not know what to do about what interferon did to my right eye.  I have gone to some eye doctors but I get nowhere.  I just live with it, nothing else I can do.

In good health

Big Class Action Pharmaceutical Suits

Scherling Plough Securities Suit


Sure, you can publish my email address but no address or name....thanks for respecting my anonimity.

C. Y.


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