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test results
Aug. 8, 2003

Hi Lloyd.

Before I give you the test results, I will tell you that E. believes he has a sinus infection, although it is getting better. He decided not to get to the doctor and just up his vitamins because he was really busy. I think this may have affected the results. I am sending him to the doctor to get a prescription.

His results:

June 2003
Oct 2002
Feb 2002
AST 51
AST 80
AST 83
ALT 69
ALT 146
ALT 143
GGT 62
GGT 118
Viral Load
480,000 - Jan 2003
505,000. - July 2003

He started on your TLM and the herbal regime in Early April of this year. So there is three months trying to lick this thing naturally. The enzyme levels have dropped into near-normal/normal, but the viral load has increased.

We looked over things and he hasn't been taking the recommended dose of Milk Thistle (only about half of it), Vitamin C (about 1/3 of it) or drinking the teas. He agreed it time to try drinking the teas, as well as take the rest of the supplements you recommend. I'll be calling you to order the other things I mentioned that he was not taking and get him on those right away. He does take the TLM (faithfully), Milk Thistle, Reishi, Cats Claw, Dandelion Root, Alfalfa, Lipoic Acid, Olive Leaf, Selenium, Licorice Root, NADH, L-Carnitine, LiverCare Tablet, Aloe Vera (in our morning drink).

Looking in your book, I see we are not taking Natcell Thymus, Adrenal or Liver (I thought they were combined in the TLM), Eurocel and Lipotrope.

We also cut the following out of both our diets
(it's easier to cook that way) to give his liver a break:

No Meat
No Dairy
No Wheat
No Caffeine (except for his Morning Thunder Black Tea)
No Sugar (we only use stevia to sweeten if necessary)
No Alcohol

We consume an enormous amount of fresh fruits, veggies, grains, legumes and we eat soy products. We try to stay away from processed foods, except for some soy cheese, soy milk and popcorn.

We also drink a green drink (veggies, grains and fruits) twice a day (making the hair on his bald head grow back). We also drink for breakfast a soy and whey drink with fresh fruits and loads of liquid vitamins (B, C, E, coQ10) with liquid minerals, aloe vera, flax seed oil and a few other things I can't remember right now.

The doctor called the other day wanting to schedule Eric for a check up. We are going to schedule that check up and let him redo the tests (these latest tests were not done through the same lab as previously, but by a lab which is local (we had our GP write the prescription and draw the lab work for what they could do there)). I am thinking we get him totally on your regime and put off the doctor's visit until early September.

Any insight you can give would be comforting. The doctor is not supporting of our efforts as he is only familiar with what he knows about traditional therapy. But he is understanding our need to try something else. It's the same Dr. Cecil there is a 2002 post about on your website messages area.

S. C.

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