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August 6 , 2003

Hi Lloyd,

Just wanted to drop you a line.  I've been feeling so good lately.

My neuropath said the other day that he couldn't find problems with any of my organs.  He said my Liver is very strong.  He told me to forget that I ever had HCV.  He said I'm either clear, have very little virus left or if I do it wouldn't last much longer.

My Traditional Chinese medical doctor says basically the same thing.  Every ware I go people ask me what I'm doing, why I look so good.  I laugh inside because no one knows two years ago I felt my life was over and I was going to die.  Going from being that sick to feeling this good has given me a new perspective, a great appreciation for my life.

I guess I should have my blood tested it's been about a year.  I just
can't stand going to my Doctor, I feel one of the reasons I'm as healthy as I am today is because I've stayed away from him. Tomorrow will be 22 months on you program. Thanks for all your help,

Take care,

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