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J and D Update
September 1, 2003


Just to refresh your memory on Js. progress since he was diagnosed with HCV in February 2001. At that time his viral load was 21 million 900 thousand (21.900.000). AST 192 ALT 497. His liver biopsy read, There is moderate portal inflammation with mild lymphocytic piecemeal necrosis and lobular inflammation, mild fatty change. Fibrous tissue is markedly increased, and there is architectural distortion and nodular formation consistent with cirrhosis.  We found you web site in April and Js started your full program an May 1st 2001.

On your program he dropped 10 fold every three months. His AST and ALT stayed in the normal range. His viral load had gotten down to 191 thousand by September (191.000). And then we made a mistake. He got a Hep A vaccination plus a flu shot and pneumonia shot. He started to feel really sick again and in January his viral load had shot back up to 12 million 900 thousand. During that time he also was getting dental work done and because he had rheumatic fever as a child he took per meds, 2000 milligrams each week for a month. To little information to late, and we thought we knew all we needed to know.

But we know now and have paid the price, and want to warn anyone with Hep C Not to get a Hep A, flu or pneumonia shots, they contain mercury and it is very hard on your liver. It's been 10 months since he got the shots and he had blood tests done this month. His viral load is currently 1 million 140 thousand. AST 191 ALT 62.

Thanks for everything,
J. and D. from Oregon


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