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Drug Company Gives Secret Report to Medical Societies on Results of HRT Study
August 24, 2003

Pharmaceutical giant Wyeth secretly briefed a number of medical societies about the results of a study into hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and dementia before they were published, causing grave concern in the research community.

The study, funded by Wyeth, shows that the company's combined estrogen and progestogen pill doubled the risk of dementia among elderly women.

Typically, embargoed copies of journal articles are distributed to news organizations prior to publication to help story preparation, however, Wyeth briefed medical societies long before embargoed copies were released.

Reportedly, the company released a summary report of the data to certain medical societies to allow them the opportunity to “respond knowledgeably to their constituents at the time the data became public.”

Past studies have shown that Wyeth’s hormone replacement therapy increases the long-term risks of blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, and breast cancer.

However, the company is marketing the drug for short-term relief of symptoms and is attempting to downplay the significance of the current study’s findings by stressing that the women in the study were over 65 years of age and the effect might not apply to younger women.

Industry-sponsored clinical research is increasing and the outcomes affect how doctors prescribe medicine. However, results that show negative results to the company’s product pose financial risks to the sponsor. Therefore, industry-sponsored research may result in biased results due to pressures to show drugs in a favorable light.

Several studies have found that research sponsored by the drug industry was more likely to produce results favoring the product made by the company sponsoring the research than studies funded by other sources.

Researchers have suggested several possible explanations for the favorable results seen in industry-sponsored research. Drug companies may selectively fund trials on drugs that they consider to be superior to competition; the industry may conduct poor quality research that results in positive findings; the studies may intentionally compare the new drugs to older drugs at inappropriate doses or drugs that are not equivalent; there may be publication bias in which industry-sponsored studies attempt to keep unfavorable results from being made public.

Additionally, industry-funded research appears more often in symposiums, which are known to lack peer review and favor the sponsor’s product. The absence of peer review may result in an overly favorable interpretation, often not supported by data, of the results of a trial.

New York Times May 28, 2003

As you all know, the drug industry is one of the largest and most powerful industries on the planet. They will use everything in their power to maintain and expand their control and economic prominence; this includes continuing to deceive you by creating the illusion of “fixing” your health so they can extract even more of your money.

Don’t be fooled by their illusions: what they typically provide you is just a symptomatic Band-Aid that will only further accelerate your path toward degeneration, allowing them to sell you even more Band-Aids down the line. What you should be addressing--and what they won’t address because it is not profitable--are the underlying causes of your health issues.

One of the primary purposes of this newsletter and my new book, The No Grain Diet, is to provide you with the insight to protect and defend yourself from these major corporate interests (as well as the government they’ve purchased) with practical and straightforward advice and suggestions on how to optimize your body to find and prevent disease, reach your optimal weight, and live longer in the first place.

You will find that many of these approaches are, relative to the costs of endless prescriptions, surgeries, and doctor and hospital visits, quite inexpensive. You will also find that most are based on common-sense approaches using natural products and methods. If the relative low-cost and simplicity of these approaches versus endless drugs and surgeries makes you suspect, remember this: the drug companies and all the other corporations who benefit from the Band-Aid mentality need you to believe that only they can “save you,” in order to keep profiting from you.

If you discover that, with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, you can largely avoid their drugs and surgeries, they have forever lost control of your wallet and life. So who do you want controlling your wallet and your life?

If you want to regain control of your health, if you believe the above is true--even in part--you can help change the medical paradigm by passing this message, or any article of interest, on to your family and friends. Just use the simple “E-mail a Friend” feature in the upper-right corner of the articles. Including a personal letter of encouragement is often more effective than simply passing it along, but that’s up to you.

That may be one of the best gifts you can give someone this year: A practical resource to help them recapture their health.

Finally, if you want to further understand how corporations and government manipulate science and the media by preying upon the public trust--and how to protect yourself--I highly recommend the book "Trust Us, We're Experts." It is truly one of those books that all Americans should read, and would make an important gift for any young adult who wants to maintain control over him or herself as they enter “the real world.”


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