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Re: what program to start on?
Aug. 22, 2003


My name is L. and my fiance B, as of 1998 he has had Hep "C" and has taken the interferon two different times, he recently was taken off due to falling into severe depression and feeling so sick, he had to take a disability leave from work.  I purchased your book and am excited to start him on this program, what level should I start him at, I know the Natcell live cell thymus is very important to helping him recover to a level of feeling "human".

Right now he feels nothing will help him and he doesn't care, I'm not going to give up.  When will he start feeling better, after being on a strong recommended program you offer.

Right now I only have him on some supplements:
Milk Thistle
HSO Primal Defense
Fish Body Oils with GLA (these were for his migraines)
Coral Calcium (help migraines)

Thank you for your help and encouragement,

Hi L&B:

Peg intron is a dangerous drug.  It is often more difficult and time
consuming to heal from it than it is to start healing from hep c.  I have
observed that prior to peg intron I would get a few non-detected clients a
week.  That does not happen to that extent anymore.  Most of my clients have been deceived and damaged by American, western medicine.  Prior to peg intron, people took interferon, not time released, that was easier to heal from.

Another dangerous procedure that is preventing healing is the blanket prescribing of hepatitis A and B vaccines.  In the past these vaccines were
given to a healthy group of people, elementary school children, military
personnel.  Giving these shots to people with liver disease is not a good
idea.  It causes the viral load to go up 2 times, to 4 times and even
several million points.  It takes 9 months to a year for it to start to come back down.

I would do as much of my program as possible.  In particular I would use NADH as people after interferon say it helps with side effects.

If your platelets and white blood cell counts are low you need natcell liver.

You should use natcell Thymus, 1 vial every other day

Large amounts of Dandelion root tea and milk thistle seed tea.

High doses of Ascorbic C. This product gets 90% into your blood.  Other
vitamin C only gets less than 10% into your blood.

Also Coral legand is very good because it supplies calicum and helps develop a Alkline PH in the blood which makes it difficult for virus and cancers to live in.

It will be awhile before you are clean from interferon.  But this is a good time to start and please, do not let some novice MD talk you into killing what is left of you.

One of the persistent items I see damaged from people on peg intron for a prolonged time is the pancreas.  This is very important to take care of as pancreatic cancer is terminal.  Natcell pancreas can help repair the pancreas.  I have lots of experience with this.

Dr. Sterling, chief hepatologist of Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angles is
famous for barbequing the pancreas and then just telling people, interferon
failed, you have pancreatitis and there is nothing else we can do for you.  I
think this man should be imprisoned as any man who attempts to commit

It is extremely expensive to recover from this onslaught of extremely damaging drugs especially when they involve so many different organ functions.

In good health

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