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Re: Need advice
Aug. 21, 2003

Hi Lloyd,

Thanks for the info.  It has been quite a period for me since I last wrote
you in June.  I was feeling worse and worse.  So the doctor did a battery of tests to find out why the HELL my enzymes were 282(AST) and 311(ALT).  I had an ultrasound, CT scan, blood work, urine tests nothing.  I did have some auto antibodies and he was suspecting that since I'm young, female and took interferon that I might be having an autoimmune reaction.  I was terrified.  I don't need any other illness.  HEP C is enough for me thank you very much.

Anyway he ordered a second liver biopsy (the first was done before I
started the IFN in Jan 2001) and this time the biopsy was hell I was in pain for a couple of days after it.  Luckily there were no other complications.  So I did the biopsy on 8/1 and it doesn't look bad overall but it's not good either.

Before the treatment my enzymes were ~60s or so and the biopsy showed mild chronic hepatitis c grade 1 fibrosis stage 1.   Now my enzymes are in the 200s and even though it confirmed that it is indeed only the hepatitis that seems to have "flared up" I now have lobular inflamation and the diagnosis was chronic mild hepatitis c grade 2 fibrosis stage 1.  I'm not sure what that means but my second biopsy had a lot more info in it than the first.

Anyway, I'm concerned that the virus has gone haywire after the ifn and that I won't be able to control it now.  My doctor tried to get me on the IFN again and I said no.   Unless I'm one step away from a liver transplant I won't do it again.  Besides, I was a non-respondent the first time, what makes him think that I'll respond this time?

He tried to sell me on Pegasys instead of PegIntron.  I told them that
that basically just meant switching brands of the same poison so I said NO NO NO.

So anyway Lloyd, I'm writing because I need some advice as to what to add to my treatment.  The doctor put me on Trental and Actigall which I read they are to treat PBC and other liver conditions to control fibrosis development.  I agreed because it seemed like the side effects are "minor". I'm desperate.  I need to bring my enzymes down at least to the 100's.
I re-started your treatment on May 21st like I wrote you before and since then I have seen some improvement in the enzymes but I'm still not feeling well at all.

Since I started your treatment my enzymes were May 20th AST(282) ALT(311) the last enzyme test was done on July 2nd and showing ALT(238) AST(187).  These tests however were done at different labs so i'm not sure about the accuracy of the numbers.  Do you think this is good progress as far as bringing down the enzymes down is concerned?  On
July 2nd I had been on the treatment for 6 weeks
so I think it's not too bad.  what do you think?

Currently I'm taking the following regimen:
1 vial of thymus 3X week
2 alfalfa caps
6 Milk thistle caps
100mcg selenium
4000mg Vitamin C
4oz aloe daily
600mg Lipoic Acid
1 quart of Dandelion Root Tea.

What else should I add to see more improvement?  I'm kind of tight with
money right now.  I'm being notified about layoffs in a few weeks and I believe I'm going to be affected.  I was thinking of adding Natcell Liver but I can only afford to take it once a week.

Do you have any suggestions?   Is there anything else I can do to bring down the enzyme more?  Right now I'm worried about the activity on the liver.  I want to target the virus but I want to focus first on the enzymes.  By the way I had a test for my viral load done in June and it was sky high 31,800,000 (sorry I don't remember the units).  I will fax you all my results from the biopsy labs, etc maybe you can see something I can't.

Thanks and god bless you,

Hi R:

You need to stop seeing your doctor or at least stop letting him influence
you as far as the treatment of hepatitis c goes.  I mean this, I am not
kidding.  These people are not in a time frame of reality.

They, doctors, are completely ignorant on the topic of hep c all together!

It is difficult to believe but they seem to be in a time warp.  Nothing they
do works just makes things worse.  You need to stop taking the items you
mentioned that they give you for fibrosis..

Stay away from them except for blood tests and just get them faxed to you.  Your AST and ALT have come down a lot in a very short time on my program.

The lab you use when testing AST and ALT does not make much difference.  The viral load is the one that can be very different.

Keep drinking my teas, best thing you can do for the AST and ALT.

You were right as far as Pegasus.  Same poison, different name.
Interferon does not work the second time around or more to the point, it
is less likely to work the second time because the HCV mutates with each
replication building an immunity to interferon.

HCV is smart, it has something that resembles intelligence.   I know by
saying that I will be branded a complete idiot but it does have a quality of
intelligence and it needs to be dealt with on that level.

Are you taking coral legend?
Can you take 900 mg of lipoic acid a day?
Can you drink reishi tea? It is something you need.
Do not worry about the fibroses, it will correct itself on my program.
Do not worry about anything.

Time released interferon takes time to get out of your system and it takes time to recover from it.  As you recover from the folly, peg intron, you will begin to recover from hep c.

I am here.

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