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Re: Drug induced?
Aug. 20, 2003


Thank you for answering my question.

Good news!  I have been on your program for 6 weeks, and my Alt and Ast fell from mid 200's to under 140 in that time.  Never had the viral load checked until the last set of tests, but it is at 1,200,000.

Dr. says number drop is not significant, and it is not from the herbs.  Well, that did not surprise me.  He also said that the numbers mean nothing.  I was walking on air on the way to the appointment, and felt deflated after I talked to him, (negativity), then went home and re-read some of your book.  That helped.  I have refused the biopsy, wanted to give myself another 3 months and be re-tested.  He said he had to refer me to a specialist, as he cant treat hep C at that clinic.  So I am going to try to find a homiopath here in this little tiny town.   If not, I'll get by somehow.

Thank you for all your help!  I feel better just knowing this is working.

Hi M:

Well, this doctor did about the same thing most of them do.

What to say, just forget they exist and keep on getting well, no use to try and convince any of them that there is a way to treat hepatitis c with out killing people.

In good health


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