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Re: Blood results
Aug. 16, 2003

Hi Lloyd,

I FAXED you my blood results yesterday.  Two weeks ago, I had a phone call at 10:15 PM on a Friday night from Loyola trying to schedule my liver biopsy!

I refused.  I was terrified my blood results were disastrous and that's why they needed the biopsy and were calling at such a peculiar hour.  But, the Dr. never consulted with my respiratory doctor.  In his office yesterday, he chuckled and admitted he didn't consult with any one but the radiologist who was going to stick a needle down my neck to my liver without sedation or anesthetic.

That would have been worse than your experience!  I said, not in this lifetime!  He tried to scare me into having the biopsy by saying if I didn't, when and if I develop symptoms, it might be too late.

I said and your treatment is interferon, I can't tolerate such a treatment. Oh you can he asserted.

Doesn't it wreck the immune system?  He admitted it did.

Then I said, and if the biopsy says my liver is shot I wouldn't be given a new liver anyway.  Oh you don't know he said.

Don't you have to have good heart and lungs?  Oh yes he said.

Well, I don't have good lungs so a transplant is out.

Lloyd, he wasn't too happy with me.  So, he recommended another liver ultrasound in 6 months but only at Loyola.  He had just told me that an ultrasound was worthless!  What a day!


Hi Val:

Sounds like a typical day in the life of a human infected with hepatitis c virus.  These people who call themselves doctors are losing the confidence of the people because of the way they are treating or attempting to treat hepatitis c.

It is a disaster greater than most people are willing to believe of there doctors.  I talk to and read emails from over a thousand people a week and none of them like what there doctors are doing.  It is not just me or you, it comes with the virus.

What will it take to get the attention of the media so we can get some political clout so we can get some decent treatment from the medical community???

I have been on a crusade for over 4 years and the stars who could get the attention started are shying away from the battle.

What ever happened to the activists of the 1960s?

I am willing to go to Washington and demonstrate until I get arrested.
May sound extreme but I challenge anyone to answer the phones in my office for a week and then tell me something drastic isn't needed.
Viva La Revelation! Thats right, RELEVATION!

Roget's Super Thesaurus, 1995
Revelation n. disclosure, eye opener, expose, exposition, news, divulgement, announcement, broadcat, bombshell, *bolt from the blue, flash, shock.



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