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Love Your Books
Aug. 15, 2003

Hi Lloyd,

I received your books last week & can't or don't want to put either of them down as they are so informative regarding the Hep C virus that I have had now for 25 years!

I contracted Hep C in 1978 & was hospitalized for 5 days & was given 1,000 mg of Vitamin B-12 twice a day for the extent of my stay!  My Belirubin shot up to 18 & I was told that if it had gone past 22 I would of been dead, but it went down to where my doc said I was out of the woods & sent me home!  Well, little did I know that 22 yrs. later in 1996 it was still there & I started feeling very fatigued & run down when they tested my enzymes & the activity in my liver that I had chronic Hep C for all these years!

All those yrs. I thought I had Hepatis none A or B & that I was healed!  HA!!  Fat chance for me!  It just became worse over the years from drinking & still using drugs!  Haven't used drugs since the 80's but was still drinking & wearing my body down!  So, now here I am waiting to see what geno type I am now that I know that I have a viral count of 7,000,000 & my liver enzymes are at: Alt 73 & Ast 90 which have been higher in the past years!

I have been drinking an herbal tea from an herbalist in Santa Barbara off & on for 4 yrs now!  It's a complete body detox that I seep overnight & sip during the day but it seems as I need more of something else to get rid of this virus!  I Do Not want to take Interferon as I have already been on Chemo for breast cancer plus 37 jolts of radiation!   Nope, no thanx.... I'll
stick with the extra herbs & try to abstain from all alcohol... it's hard
but I'm having some good progress!

I do want to order your Thymus & will do soon!  I have been taking many other herbs lately plus green tea with lots of herbs in it!  My new liver doc says to be careful of taking too much herbs as it may make me sick... HaHa!!  Like Interferon won't!!

I will keep you posted as to what type of Hep I have next month!!  I am so fortunate to have found your website!!

Your message board is awesome!

Thanx for the info.
You may post any email I send!!

God Bless this day!


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