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Thymus & Hep C
August 13, 2003

Dear Lloyd,

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your making available
the products to overcome Hep C.  Especially the liquid thymus.  I have been taking it for 6 months now.  It began to make a difference right away, but lately there has been a return of my ability to think, which is quite welcome.   Memory is still pretty poor, but improving.  The fatigue is letting up somewhat and I can even do yoga.

Have had Hep C since 1968, so - for 35 years. No symptoms, except a feeling something was wrong with me, until the last 2 years.  Have been taking homeopathic remedies since 1998.  Most of the homeopathy has been positive, especially emotionally, but one practitioner just did not know how to help me, so I thanked her and said farewell.  The next day at the health food store, I found your book.  Sometimes we have to let go of something before the next thing can come into our lives.

Have since found a positive homeopath and a great naturopathic doctor.
My AST has gone up from 23 to 28 and ALT has gone down from 18 to 11 in a recent five month span.  Both are still in a good range, I think.  The viral load is 8,130,000 though.

Thank you again. I pass on information about your book and website whenever I can.



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